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P.S. MediaHouse launches wine website

Waterdown-based publishing, marketing and design agency P.S. MediaHouse has officially launched, a website dedicated to navigating the world of wine.

“VineRoutes is a project that has been in discussion for a while and we are happy to introduce it to fans of wine and local wineries as well as travellers to international wine hot spots,” says Paula Henriques, co-founder at P.S. MediaHouse. “It’s also a passion of ours as appreciators of wine and the winemaking process. We wanted to bring that passion and education to like-minded oenophiles.”

The website is in collaboration with Carmelo Giardina – a wine reviewer and writer, but also a marketer by trade. Giardina’s goal is to focus on the passion behind the wines – the stories about the places it comes from and the people who make it. “Wine is a wonderful thing. It is contemplative and complex with a story behind every bottle, every label, every vintage and every winemaker,” says Giardina. “It can emanate romance and intrigue, spark discussion and debate. It can evoke a sense of place or inspire a cherished memory. We aim to share some of these stories with you.”

Giardina and the team at P.S. MediaHouse explain that VineRoutes is less about being another “wine review site” and more about providing an education to some very interesting topics of discussion (ie: sustainable farming practices, winemaking styles and methods, interviews with winemakers from around the world, and so much more), as well creating a space for wine-lovers of all tastes, whether you are a discerning wine connoisseur or a blooming wine enthusiast.

“We’ll feature fascinating interviews with winemakers, proprietors and other industry professionals graciously taking the time to share their stories and love for wine,” says Giardina. “ The whole point is to make this engaging for everyone, no matter where they are in their wine journey.”

Already on the website are conversations with Moray Tawse, Ann Sperling and Thomas Bachelder, among others, as well as educational articles, current events related to the world of wine, and industry news.

VineRoutes intends to be a multi-voiced forum and invites fellow wine critics and enthusiasts, sommeliers, winemakers and other industry professionals to collaborate.

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About P.S. MediaHouse:

PS MediaHouse is a design, content, marketing, publishing and event management firm based in Waterdown, Ontario. Led by Paula Henriques and Shannon Mastaler, the eight-year-old company is award-winning, garnering multiple industry awards. They are a Fast 40 company and a Top 40 under 40 recipient. Visit for their portfolio. 

About Carmelo Giardina:

Carmelo Giardina is a former journalism graduate and now marketing and PR professional who has worked with clients such as Rockstar Energy Drink, Coca-Cola, White Claw and Miller-Coors. Carmelo began writing about wine as a freelance writer for luxury lifestyle publication West of the City Magazine in 2017, and is now the content director at, a website helping wine lovers navigate the world of wine. Writing has always been a passion of his, and being given the opportunity to write about another passion (wine) has been a fulfilling exercise. A variety of publications spread across Canada now feature his writings on wine and spirits.

Vineroutes Media Contact:

Carmelo Giardina, Editor, VineRoutes


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