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Presented by the founders of P.S. MediaHouse

The Business Breakthrough Series 

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Presented by the founders of P.S Mediahouse, The Business Breakthrough Series takes your business from mediocre to euphoric – you know that moment when you feel like you’re on top of the world, like this was the best decision you ever made, and you’re fulfilled and brimming with purpose and pride. It’s the feeling of success. Knowing you accomplished your dreams. And now you get to live the good life. 


We know that entrepreneurs are unique. You’re brave. You’re devoted. You take risks. And you deserve rewards. It’s time to elevate your business and align your actions and goals so you’re achieving the life you imagined when you first took that leap to start your own business.


After a decade in managing our own business we understand that it’s a delicate balance of mindset and practical business savvy that creates the ultra-successful entrepreneur. That’s why The Business Breakthrough Series blends mentorship and coaching workshops to take your existing business and inject it with new passion, practical solutions and innovation. The result is a successful business with more leads, more revenue, better profit and above all else… a life filled with JOY.






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What you’ll take away
after our program


the life you

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What you'll take away after our program: 

  • A clear understanding of yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and goals

  • Tools to improve habits that are stunting your success

  • Identifying your motivation, your end game and how to get there

  • A strong brand and message and identification of your target market

  • A strong digital presence 

  • A social media strategy and content ideas

  • A clear understanding of marketing basics

  • Sales and lead generation ideas

  • Publicity ideas to attract media attention

  • Identifying your dream team to help you work less

  • New ideas designed to increase revenue, add life into your business and make you stand out

  • Confidence to deal with finances, your team, and all the miscellaneous work that no one tells you about!

  • Your future plan and goals going forward to get you where you want to be in the future and live the life you want.

Your enrollment is a three month commitment that includes seven one-on-one workshops with the founders of P.S. MediaHouse Paula Henriques and Shannon Mastaler.
You’ll have access to them via text and email for the full program, as well as a practical, resource-filled Business Breakthrough workbook that, when completed, will give you the full picture on your business goals and the strategies to get there. (Don't worry, we'll be working through the pages together!)

Workshop Breakdown

1. Discovery

On this first call, we will discuss challenges, things you love, how do you want to grow your business, what does the future looks like for you in an ideal world, what does the team look like, what is your capacity – side business or full-time and more!

4. Digital Discovery

What does your online presence say about your business? Together, we’ll analyze your website and social media accounts and provide recommendations to take it to the next level.

2. Retrospective

What are your roadblocks to success? We will take a deep dive into your current habits and personal beliefs that are stopping you from reaching your goals.

5. Sales & Marketing Brainstorm

What are you doing to market your business? Where are your sales coming from? How do you communicate with clients? How does your target market find you? From sales, to publicity, to marketing yourself successfully, lets talk about how you’re getting noticed, what your sales strategy is, and help you create a marketing strategy that will get you noticed, generate leads and ultimately, sales.

3. Branding

One of the most important parts of your business is your brand. It’s what establishes the feel and the experience for the customer. It’s what attracts eyes. It’s what people remember (or don’t remember).  We’ll analyze your logo, tagline, and do an overview of your current marketing materials.

6. Business Admin

No business can be successful without paying attention to the things that aren’t necessarily the ‘fun’ tasks. These are the things that will get you into trouble right away if not set up properly. We’ll go through a checklist of things you need to be set up for success, from accounting to contracts.

7. The Recap

This last chapter will be where we recap everything we have accomplished – next steps, review our recommendations, answer final questions and more!

BONUS! You’ll receive the exclusive Business Breakthrough Series Binder. Complete with all the worksheets, tips, best practises all personalized for you. PLUS, at the end of the series, you’ll be provided with The Breakthrough Summary. This comprehensive analysis will be an overview of everything we talked about and advised so you can refer to over time. 


Is this the right program for me?
  • Have started a business and don’t understand marketing basics

  • Have a successful business but feel their sales have plateaued and don’t know why

  • Have a business with a great social media presence but don’t see the result in sales

  • Desperately need marketing help but don’t have the money to pay an outside agency ​

  • Want new ideas breathed into the life of their business

your business
with new

solutions &

This multi-phased program
is for those who:
  • Wonder why certain business always get media coverage and they get ignored​

  • Are a business owner who is feeling overwhelmed and needs relief

  • Are lacking passion, drive and motivation​

  • Need new ideas and need to rediscover their passion for the business

  • Spend way too much time on the things that don’t bring you sales​

  • Constantly putting out fires but never feeling like you’re actually ahead 



3 months

7 workshops

1 recap meeting and
1 bonus speaker series


$4,950 or $1,650 per month for 3 months, or $4500 if paid in full.

That's 25% off for the first 3 clients to our new workshop series. After this introductory offer, the price will be $6,600 for the mentorship program.

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25% off


Only 3 spots available

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