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Why Invest in An Original Logo Design

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Logos help to shape your brand.

When you think of a recognizable logo, what comes to mind? It might be an apple with a bite mark, two golden arches, a swoosh or a siren in a green circle. The point is, these brands have gained some serious global recognition over the years. And although they may have been tweaked over time to modernize, the original logo design has lasted a very long time.

Wondering if you should invest in a new logo? Here are some benefits to having your logo professionally designed:

Leave a good first impression- Your logo is the face of your company, it’s the first thing your customers see when they research your business. Your logo is on your social media, your business cards, website and everything else you create. It’s important to design a logo that leaves a lasting first impression.

Stand out from the competition- Everyone tells you not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to logos, most people do. The last thing you want is to turn away prospective customers because of your choice in logo design. Your logo reflects your business, so you want to be sure that your logo is clean, professional and evokes the same feeling your brand aims to provide.

Your investment will last a long time- A good logo design means less rebranding for your company. If you’re looking to rebrand, be sure to brand smart. Professionals have seen brand trends throughout the years and will know how to help you create a functional design that you can modernize with time if needed.

You won’t risk design integrity- The last thing you want is to have your company sued by someone else for using similar design elements. Hiring a professional to build your new logo means conducting lots of market research to ensure your logo is original to you and your company.

Shape your brand- By now you probably know your company pretty well. But how well do you know what others think of your brand? How will your logo look across various platforms moving forward? What story do your colour choices tell? These are the things professionals aim to answer when creating your logo.

To view more logo designs we have done visit our portfolio page.

Have a question about logo design or want to have a branding consultation with us? We’ve designed countless logos in our eight years in business and can help you rethink yours. Let's Chat!

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