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Six things that won't get you new business

  1. Competing to be the cheapest - if you value yourself others will too. Price yourself what you’re worth and don’t apologize for it!

  2. Giving freebies to friends and family. Good people love to support your business! Most friends and family want to support you and won’t expect a discount.

  3. Inundating social media with constant selling. No one wants to be sold all the time. You won’t gain followers with this. Instead offer value like tips and engaging content.

  4. Not knowing what your specialty is. Don’t offer so many services that you lose sight of what you do better than anyone else.

  5. Fear. Fear to follow up aggressively. Fear to sell yourself confidently. Fear to show up on social media. You can do it. Be YOU and show the world what you offer. It’s the only way to be successful.

  6. You can’t be found. No one can be successful if they can’t be found! Be on social media, have a great website, invest in marketing, be part of your community, etc.

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