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Introducing, Empowherment Workshops!

Inspired by the company’s beloved annual women’s event, The Well, Empowherments are designed to inspire, teach and assist women in fulfilling their dreams and achieving success and joy in all aspects of their fabulous lives. 

Empowherments aim to allow women from all walks of life, stay at home mothers, business owners, women looking to change careers, and everyone in between to varying events to better themselves. Women interested in participating in the first Empowherment can find more information at For promotional opportunities or to register for the first Empowherment event, Mimosas & Motivation, email

P.S. MediaHouse is an award winning boutique agency and marketing firm in Waterdown. Providing clients with top notch service and work, P.S. MediaHouse works with varying industries, from new home builders and non profits to the auto industry, providing them with marketing and PR that pushes them to higher levels of success. P.S. MediaHouse founded The Well - an annual event empowering women and encouraging self care, as well as The Well Empowherments - artfully crafted workshops and events designed to inspire, encourage and assist women in achieving success and joy in all areas of their fabulous lives.

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