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Boost With Facebook

On Tuesday June 24th our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Erin, drove down to the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto to spend a day with Facebook. She attended Boost with Facebook, which was a 2 day workshop with different sessions on how to utilize different aspect of Facebook and Instagram for your business.

During her day with Facebook she took a number of different classes including: - Tell Your Business Story Using Instagram

- Find New Customers Using Instagram

- How To Build An Effective Advertising Strategy

- Pushing Create Boundaries With Your Mobile Phone

- Instagram Stories School

The day consisted of number sessions - there were 3 sessions run every 45 minutes for different levels. There was the foundational sessions for beginners, intermediate sessions and advanced level sessions. All offering a wide variety of information and tools for your business. There was also a learning lounge with guests could access all day and Facebook personnel were available to help you troubleshoot any issues or provide further advice.

This free event hosted by Facebook, offered valuable insight into the different tools, apps and programs within Facebook and Instagram in order to create engaging content and appealing advertisements to attract your ideal client.

She learned about the MobileStudio which will become an amazing creative shop for advertisers to build out campaigns that not only attract customers but keep them coming back. We can't wait to implement all that we took away from Boost With Facebook to help our clients get the most out of the platforms and attract their ideal client.

Check out some of the photos from her day with Facebook

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